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At Commotion we have a track record of getting things done quickly and efficiently and of putting into place effective change. Below is a list of our clients and some case studies to highlight the impact our work has:

NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)

ImageNICE wanted to establish a Citizens Council to determine the social value judgements it should apply to its decisions about which drugs and treatments should be available on the NHS. Ela Pathak-Sen, then Project Manager at NICE, developed the operational specification and set up the Council. Ruth Turner worked with Vision 21 on the recruitment to the Council and facilitated the meetings. Ela Pathak-Sen, now at Commotion, continues to work with NICE to set the questions for the Council and facilitate the meetings; Brendan oversees the management of the running of the Council. The Citizens Council has been evaluated by the Open University and is also being adopted by the government of Ontario, Canada.

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust

Image The hospital wanted to ‘brand’ its services so that staff, patients and the public would take pride in their local hospital. Following a consultation with the Directors and other key staff, Ela Pathak-Sen developed a project plan that focussed on internal and external communications as a way to make this happen. Commissioned by the Chief Executive, the Board has now authorised the plan and this is being implemented.

Labour Party General Election Campaign

ImageIn the campaign prior to the General Election 2005, the Labour Party outsourced the management of its publicity material in the North West to Commotion. Brendan Turner successfully delivered on the design, production and distribution of in excess of 4 million printed items for over forty constituencies.
Kevin Lee, the then Regional Director of the Labour Party, said that the success of the Regional Print Service was key to retaining a number of marginal seats in the area.

I&DeA Community Safety Leadership Academy

ImageThe Improvement and Development Agency (I&DeA) commissioned Commotion to design and deliver a Leadership Academy development programme for Community Safety portfolio holders. The programme used case studies and real examples of good practice to give the delegates the opportunity to exchange experiences with their colleagues, and develop their own community safety strategies. Using speakers, discussion time, and a mix of learning methods and activities this programme gave the delegates a boost to their skills, knowledge and networks.

Commotion brought in speakers and gave delegates access to the experts from the Home Office, police, local communities and other stakeholders – and crucially their peers in other local authorities.

Following the success of this programme the I&DeA is working with Commotion to develop a programme to be delivered to local councils.

Our Other Clients include:

The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts

United Utilities

The Improvement and Development Agency

The Labour Party

The University of Alberta, Canada

The Mando Group

The NHS Blood and Transplantation Service

Vision 21

The North West Regional Assembly



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