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Who are we?

Image Commotion was set up by two young Directors – Ruth Turner and Brendan Turner – with a wealth of experience in community consultation and research, engineering social change, running events and campaigns, building successful organisations and fostering productive partnerships.

Ruth Turner has now left the company to become 10 Downing Street’s Director of Government Relations and Brendan has been joined by Ela Pathak-Sen. Ela has a background in health services management, having worked at director level in the NHS. Ela was also instrumental in developing the Citizens Council model for NICE and has worked on patient and public participation initiatives internationally, nationally and locally.

Brendan Turner HND BSc (Hons)

ImageBrendan Turner is a founding director of Commotion.

Commotion was set up as an organisation that would allow the founding directors to carry out a diverse range of activities, all of which were aimed at improving society and the environment in which we all exist.

Since graduating with a degree in International Fashion Marketing, Brendan has developed and led a large number of projects.

Brendan currently manages the Citizens Council project for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. He facilitates sessions, recruits the new members who join annually, organises the logistics and works with Ela to develop the programme and speaker list.

Brendan has a history of successfully organising events over the years; a series of ‘Funding for Innovations’ networking events throughout the north of England; a dinner for the key players in science and the arts in the northwest of England; a reception at the House of Commons with the Secretary of State for Health and the key note speaker; and many more.

Brendan is the co-author of the report, ‘Advancing Regional Innovation’, for the Northwest Regional Assembly detailing the findings of a research project that studied the environment in which individuals and entrepreneurs operated.

Brendan managed the Labour Party Regional Print Service during the 2005 General Election 2005, overseeing the writing, printing and distribution of over 4 million items.

Brendan stood unsuccessfully for election to Manchester City Council in 2004, and is also the secretary of the local constituency Labour Party.


Ela Pathak-Sen BA(Hons) BEd MBA

ImageEla is a Director at Commotion and co-owner alongside Brendan

Her career spanning over twenty years has been in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. During this time Ela has been an educator, manager and director leading significant development and change projects.

Ela operates from a value base that promotes principles of social justice with a strong commitment to community, wanting to make a difference through honest, open and co-operative working. Ela is a graduate of the Common Purpose Programme.

Ela has delivered success at both a local and national level and her experience ranges from the retail sector, local government and NHS acute hospitals both in and out of London. Her work at NICE, internationally published, broke new ground for public involvement in health services.

With years of operational and strategic success she has taken up a directorship in Commotion as a further demonstration of her commitment to organisations who are increasingly realising that profits and success can be married with playing a full part in improving society.
Ela lives in Gloucestershire where she is very involved in the work of the local community. She has campaigned locally for maintaining ‘excellence’ in education through plurality of provision and has served as Chair on the Ambulance Trust PPI Forum.


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