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Added value – continuous improvement

ImageWe think of ourselves at Commotion as being a kind of ‘open source’ company, allowing our clients to experiment, learn from what we’ve tried out and replicate what works. If we make a thing happen, we won’t say that we’re the only people who can run it in the future – we’ll hand back the lessons we’ve learned so that you can take over yourselves if that is what suits you better.

Our approach means that we’re an ideal organisation to work with if you’re developing a new project or training course. We are resourceful, problem-solving people, determined to find answers and help you achieve your aims.

We’ll be very honest about what we think were the factors that made the project work, what we didn’t do right, and what we’d do differently if we were going to do it again. While we’re not that keen on writing big strategy documents full of jargon and buzzwords, we will produce a full but concise report that lists what we’ve learned and what you need to know in order to take the project further.

We know where you’re coming from.

Our business bias towards the public and not-for-profit sectors means that we can call on a broad range of experience in the rapidly changing local authority environment. Our team members have been at the heart of the debate on the ways forward for local government modernisation. We are part of the network of members, officers, volunteers and social and community entrepreneurs who are making good local governance a reality.

Making a big deal about it

We’ve never seen why a limited budget should put a curb on ambition. Our background covers the public sector, social businesses and small businesses, so we have experience of making things happen even in difficult circumstances and without huge budgets. We are adept at working in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner. We’ve always had to be resourceful ourselves, so we won’t be flash with your cash either. If we don’t get things right the first time, we will change our tactics – we are flexible in our approach, and we have the ability to look at problems from a different perspective.


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